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*'.WrrrRdd uPp HomiEz.'*


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>[PicZ f FrindZ]<

This page is pretty self-explanitory
shout outtz 2 all ma D O double G's :)

SoOoOoOoOo Many Good times throug all the years we've known eachother! INever 4get all the good memories we had!  kissy kissy!"lol  "tut tut  looks like rain!" haha!  The tent. Great  times in ze tent! membein ur front yrad wit justin jesse n taylor! lol thoes boyz are cracked out :| n' @ ur old house in P-dot.."D.T is Fat!" Lmao and cant 4got bout Adam! haha u'll alwayz be my lil Sher-Dawg! :P Luv ya LOTS!! xoxox

Emily- Haha ura Great gurl! luv spending time with yu out in Mactier! Party Buddiez fo life, We alwayz go to parties 2gether! they jus wouldnt be any fun without ya! Cant wait to go ta Montreal again when were 18!:P were goin to stay in the same hotel wit the same room when we were there for b4! I still have the Card Key to our Room! hahah we'' get the swet too! everyone else was soo jealous of us! ha bitches! GTZ! Luv ya slute!!xoxo

 "Bo Bo Ng Wang!"  "Hott Dagg Mah!" I smell Burning!" "yo yo Yu yo" "Tigga Tigga Tigga Woods y'all" "Eve&Eve" lmao member when we were in the Cafe n we saw that real old lady sitting there eatin n she looked like 70 years old then sumone yells out "shes in one of my classes!" that was pretty funny shite! haha n remeber watchin American Phsyco @ ur house @ like 2 in the morning lol friggen horn dogg movie eh!  yur brothers party too lol omg were soo lucky we didnt get caught! lol then u saw rain dropping from ur ceiling!lol i never laughed so hard! Cant wait too
see what happens @ ur new house when I get there!  miss ya hunn! *tisses*


CaThErInE-  yea we've had sum good timez but ppl change..shit happenes..what can ya do?

NaT & LinDz
 Yu gurlz are da Bomb! Lindz ur my Skatebordin Buddie! lol ur party was kick ass!  we need to do that again  lol  wht all went down lol I've known yu 4 the longest time! ur one of my oldest friendz, never 4get you xoxo  >>Nat u rock slute! lotza good times wit you, even tho I havent get to hang mopre much(N)! we should still hang out more, even tho we try to but it never works out! shitty I couldnt go camping with you guyz! next time 4 sure *huggs* luv ya! xo

WaLtEr- Bird Hair? haha so funny! its alwayz  sweet chillen out eh..sumthing exciting alwayz happenes lol yur always there for me noo natter what lol! gangsta brother eh?  u n josh freestyin at like 2 in the moring n tryin on my clothes ha-ha did i say that? lol ..

where ta start with this one lol u can be an ass sumtimes but ur great!  trust ya with almost everything.. were pretty tight .we gotta chill more tho haha music is amusing with u..cuz u alwayz make crack with ur lil obsene jokez lol Miss ya dogg xo

2 all my friendz bakk in P-dot MISS YOU GUYZ SOOO SOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!:(:( Cant wait to see you all again!!!:D:D:D:D LOTZA LOVE<3

 *Note: Still Under Construction