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*'.WrrrRdd uPp HomiEz.'*

HoMe | .:: a|i| abot m ::. | >[PicZ f FrindZ]< | \\-.ShOut.Outz.-// | "Qotz" | {HTTiZ}

>[PicZ f FrindZ]<

ThiS pagE is 4 aLL my friEndZ..
yu knO wHos yu's aRe...
LOttza LuV<33
[Random order these picz are in]


 STEVE!! Hes My Hott Tomalie!!:P:D Missin ya more and more!!<3 xoxo


Here be KIM!! Shes Sherris Sister! shes a pretty Cool Cat!:P The three of us had sum pretty funny timmes together! like in the tent playin that game! BRAK, EEONN, MOO!! LMAO omg that was sooo funny!! And on my Birthbay!! Damn Thoes Tequilla Shots! "Is That a Dogg"  LOL!! ahhhhhhh shit Great timez gurlz!!  and Kim we cant forgot about Our song!! Down with the Sickness!! "Oooouuuu Ah Ah Ah Ah!" lol that was great! Luv ya gurl!! xoxox


Here is KERRY!! I've known kerry since grade 9 in Bussiness Tech, ur Awesome!! if we werent in that same class together we wouldnt be freinds @ all!, thank god for that class eh!! We're goin to paint our lawns Pink becuz why does grass have to be Green?!?!? its such an ugly colour, Pink is so much more better! :P..yes iknow we're cracked out!! haha i like it that way;)! xoxox!<3


and this is JOSH!! my lil bro,we dont even look alike @ all! its crazy! but were pretty tight! i get him to do everything for me! haha its great! hes like my lil maid!! hehe its fun having him around he Always makes me laugh! i swear that kid is goin to a Comedain when he gets older!! lol One


CHRITSIE & I!!! Back in the Day! @ her house in P-dot!


TARA!! I've known Tara since Beatty too! we pretty good friendz! Thoes friggen lil grade 9's in Basketball eh!! Ugh jus wanna Smack them!! they think there better then us! lol They thought WRONG! hahah welI hope everything with you Josh keepin goin good! u guys are cute!! **HUGS**xoxox


this is TERLYN!! We've had sum pretty awesome times in Oakville!! we lost touch for the longest time! but now we talk like everyday!!:P  We for sure have to hang out more! Go horse back riding on ur horses!! hahah! good times! I love ur house its soo HUGE!! As if u have ur own Pool Room!!:D we gotta play when im up there, Get Pro!! lol Cant Wait to see you  kels next!!..if u talk to SEAN tell him i say HEY!! hehehe! Luv ya Lots Hunna!!! **kisskiss** MUAH!!!


Annnnd Above we have KYLA!! Geek # 1 haha!! Soccer was fun eh!! We both played Defence, We kicked everyones butt! haha we were pretty awesome too:P:P...Damn right we were!  You better be on the team this year too, or i'll have to beat ya up!! :P lol You should join the basketball team too!! That would be awesome! DO IT! haha Luv ya Lots hunna!! **HUGS**


This be Me!!...bblllaaaahhh... i took this pic after my basketball game we  won 29 to 22...thats pretty good 4 the first game of the year. i look pretty rough tho, but who gives a $h!T# haha..


EM-Dawg and A-shizzle!(Hum Hum-Hum Hoe!) YEYE! good times with this biznatch! This pic was taken @ winter formal! LMAO AWESOME times in MONTREAL,SUDBURY,COLLINGWOOD,BARRIE,T-DOT.. etc...Cant Wait till we go to NEW YORK!! its goin to be soooooo AWESOME! CANT LEAVE!! if u dint come back ill HUNT u down and DRAG u back home!! i MEAN it! lol Luv ya lotz slute!!!xoxxo<3


hahah and hurrr we have SCOTTIE!![WB](Tiny Dancer Lmao!) ohhhh what ta put about good ol' Scott!! haha went thorugh sooo much trouble over you..for us 2 be the end I would say it was worth it?...even tho its still not really over with..i jus hope that a certain sumone doesnt get upset ifs she reads this!! ..oh well whos gives a shite eh?...i'd say we've had sum pretty funny moments! ..wouldnt u?were Tight eh! as u would say lol  hah ohh godd well what can ya do!?.. i'll see'ya around eh?.. L to the O to the S to the E to the R..created by MIO!! lol stealer!!:P xoxo<3


ME AND DEE!! ahhh Danielle you always make me laugh!! i luv this pic!! lol that party was so fun @ ur house..the hammic rocked!! lol till Kyle and Trista were swiging on it and broke it and they went flying! LMAO that was the funniest thing ever!!! i was so tanked lol i feel srry for Norm haha! shitttt eh lol LMAO waking up with Black Billy right beside you!!! HAHA! ahhh that tequilla really gets ta ya eh! lol remeber  BIG G!! lol good times with ya cuzz! Lottza of love!!!xoxoxox!!!


MIKE,KIM,MANDA,SHER & I (Can You Guess Whos Who?!!?)






SYDNEY!! A Great Guy He Is!!:)


Me n Joshy!! @ One of yur goin away parties:) Luv ya bro


Here we have ROGAN!!  hahaa yur awesome.. a funny one too ..yu alwayz makes me laugh..were pretty tight.." Get down, get down n move it all around" lmao  funniest thing ever! I'll never 4get that lmao!! yur my dawg! xoxo


And Above we have SHERRI!!!
Sher-Dawg has been my Best Friends ever since i moved back to P-Dot from B-Dot in grade 4!!! And then in garde 7 Sherri Unfortunetly move to N-dot!! we dont get too see eachother much but i love goin to see her in Northbay! So Many Great Timez! Cant even begin to name them all! lol on my Birthbay!!! hahah oh god that was Fun!Love ya lotz Hunna!*KissKiss*xoxoxo!!


This be.. CHRISTIE!! Chris and I have had our bad times but now things are back to Normal! u'll always be my Gurl!! I can trust u with anything! ur the person i go to when i need advice or jus sumone to talk to in general!! Even tho u moved to B-ville ill always be there for u whenever u need me!! We had so many awesome times @ ur house that'll never forget!!! and our list jus keeps on goin! it'll never stop! ur my Sista 4 Life!! Love ya lota and forver!! xoxox



Annnd Below we have KYLE!!(Kyle lives where i used to live in the B-dot! aka CJ) the first i met Kyle was last year @ the movies, that day b4 the thunder run. When Melissa introdced everyone to everyone and ever since then Kyle and i have been pretty tight always chattin it up on msn about everything!! hes a pretty funny guy! u sould really come to P-Dot more biatch so we can hang out!! *Bad Call!* and *WWA* lmao remeber that?, that was such a long time ago haha! good times slute xoxo!! ONE!!



this is SHERRI & Me!!.. this pic was taken when i went up there for the march break lol GTZ Luv ya lots!!**Huggs**


Above we have WALTER!! hes awesome! One of my favorite cuzzins!  were tight shite too! haha good times with this biatch!! its sucks that ur movin to sudbury tho! but only 4 the first semester so thats iight!! gunna miss ya slute-tay!!!

..Right Below is MANDA!! Shes a G-r-e-a-t gurl!!We're always up till like 4 in the morning talkin on Msn! We need to hang out more tho when i go to Northbay! and then we can make fun of Justin even more!! "do u have Moe on ur WaWa!" that was so funny, he had no idea what we were talkin about! i'll teach ya sum more words in Ojibway and Mohawk too! Soon you'll be fulent! lol! <3 ya Slute! xoxoxo



THERESA!! Good times in Science class eh!! haha we gotta hang out more gurl We always have BLAST!!! lol Go to sum partays have a good time!! Let The Good times Roll lol :P haha it'll Great!! More Good times to come!!! Luv ya hunna!! xoxo*muah*


Here we have from Left to Right....Zena(Loser Face), Melissa(SLUTE!) and Maddie(Mattie Hueson)!! these gurls are AWESOME!! its always fun hanging out with u guys!! Too bad we dont have any classes together Maddie!! But im stuck with the 2 other biatches in my classes!!:P haha oh well  xoxo <3 yas!!!


JOSH!! ..funny guy! hes my Huntsvilleain friend!! hes a sweet guy too! likes to complement me alot lol half of it isnt true but what can ya do! thanx to Brandon (aka b-dont lmao) were freinds! :P Cant wait to see u in Huntsville @ my basketball games!! lol <3 ya xoxo :)


SOPHIE!! ur my GURL! haha DEX and Frank to the MAX! lol Good times on NEW YEARS! lmao! guyz are REALLY cracked out these dayz! lmao..You and Jake are SOO cute together!! im happy for you!!:) we SOO gotta chill out more! every time we do..its always a BLAST! lol i can tell u anything and i know i can trust you..i luv that!! luv you lotz hunna!(L)xoxox(K)!!


Ryan(rizzo),Kyle(cj),Mike and Lissa!! Cant wait to go campin in the Summer! Its should be a Blast!! haha im soo gald that we met up with u lissa that one day in the summer with guys Luke was a HOTTIE!! mike and kyle too! oh..cant forget about Rizzo ha-ha-ha! GtZ!! ONE LOVE!!!!xo






Me n Em at zee Pines..funny timez Miss ya Lotz Slute-tay!!! xoxoxoxo


CODY!! One of my best guy friendz ever since grade 6 @ victory eh!! lol Awesome timez and many more to come! luv ya lotz biatch!!! xoxo


@ semi formal!!:)