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*'.WrrrRdd uPp HomiEz.'*

.:: a|i| abot m ::.

This is a page is deticated 2 moii.......Obviously

HoMe | .:: a|i| abot m ::. | >[PicZ f FrindZ]< | \\-.ShOut.Outz.-// | "Qotz" | {HTTiZ}

Howz it goin ppl? have nothin else better to do eh??
..didnt think soo..
Weell..where shall I start?..

[yяs bязaтhiи]..17
[самз т thiѕ wόяd]..agst 10th

>>| .sher.emily.scott.
.rogan.kenz.shouby.lilbit. sean.
nick.carely.cyerra.amy.| <<


  I recently moved to 6nations (Brantford) 4 my last yr of high school (sounds as shitty as it is) but now I'm gettin used to it its not all that bad but ParrySound will alwayz be Home Sweet Home!!!
  Other thingz I like to do 4 fun is as follows:
basketball, soccer, lascrosse,wakeboarding, snowboarding, shopping, msn, the phone, my celli, kingz, sleepin, tattoos, lipgloss, 4wheelin, snowmobiling, paintballin, goin 2 Northbay, playin the sax, workin out, chillen out with homiez, listen 2 music,watchin moviez, taking picz, dancin, travelling, gettin crunkked..yu kno how we do :)





..) .*)
(. (. . . ☆


<-[Nikmames n the ppl who
gave them to me;)]->
SeXxiJiM- Lmao Christie luv ya!!
S** toy - lol Christie again haha!
LISA!!- lmao Catherine! *Kisskiss*
Angel Eyes!- Josh S
Ashy, A, Adot- haha Cat again ;)
Veronica- Lmao Nick!
AshDawg- lol Sherri <3 ya hunna! xoxo
Tobby, Tobdung, 2nd in Command- LOL JP ;)
Ash-Dot- lol Myself n' Emily :P
Teqiulla Shots- LOL Manda! xoxo
A-Unit!- haha Josh, my bro
Ashley Squared!- Basketball team!
FOG!- hah Jazz!
AshT- lol Maddie!!
ASHLEY.T.!- Nick, Jonathan & Jon!!
Sugar Mama!, A-shizzle!lol Brent!!
A to the Golden S & Tray!!--MIKE
Slute n' Biatch!- LOL Everyone!;)



favorite movies:
-Moulin Rouge
-Harry Potterr hehe
-Dirty Dancing Havana Nights
-Queen Of The Damned
-Interveiw with the vampire
-The Beach
-Rock Star
-Sister Act 2
-How To Lose A Guy In 10 Dayz
-The Outsiders
-The Village
-The Godfather
-Saw 1 n 2
-The Notebook
-The Others
-The Ring 1&2
...the list goes on

favorite type of music:
- Mostly jus Rap, Hiphop and r&b:
-Westside Connections
-50 cent
-Sean Paul
-Snoop Dogg
-LL Cool J
-Nate Dogg
-Alicia Keys
-EastSide Boys
-Christina Aguilera
-The Game
-Lil Jon
-Pharrell williams
-The Game
-Chris Brown