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*'.WrrrRdd uPp HomiEz.'*


HoMe | .:: a|i| abot m ::. | >[PicZ f FrindZ]< | \\-.ShOut.Outz.-// | "Qotz" | {HTTiZ}

Sum of the following qoutes can only be understood by the ppl who invented them and/or were there when that certain situation took place..

"Down the stairs where its raining outside with a racoon? Or up the hall with red strips!?" LMAO JPimP ..Good timez on zee phone

"No Skateboarding" Lmao great timez with the group!!  [see pic]

vv "Okay, there was this No Skateboarding sign right!..." ^^
 [you arent supposed to get it..]


"B.C.I Mustang..But P.S.H.S Panther @ HEART!!! :D"

"Tut Tut, Looks Like Rain"  haha Sher :P

"Ur Hotter then a Brunt Potato wraped in Lava" Hahaha Mike from the B-dot!

"u'll learn sumday my lil grasshopper" lol RZ

"Ching-Chong" haahaa Joshua

"why dont i Snap my Beers to get a Finger?" lol Sher

"...This was the best Night of my Year!" haaha kim

"YoU hAvE mOe On YoUr WaWa!!" LmAo MaDdA

--Sumthings are Better left Unsaid..--

>>I Love You is 8 letters...But so is Bullshit!!<<

--Dont waste ur time on sumone who wont waste their time on you-- eh Christie! bout sum eddie n' charlie? eh co-tay? lol  yur hardcore:P

<<Jus call JP...THURMAN MERMAN!lmao anit that right JP?>>

**Follow the Green Lights!! Lmao Shane and M**

--Kira UR Eating My NUTTZ!LMFAO! Kira, Autumn & M--

"What The Hell Are These!?!?" (Dates) Hahaha Kira Autumn and M

"Holy Shit Watch The Fire Man!"..."Wheres The Fireman?!?!" LMFO Cody & M

"L Cafiteria and S Cafeiteria"..."Hmm Long n South Cafe?!?"..."No Ashley Large n Small Cafiteria!! LMFAO SYDNEY!!

"Jus Joking...But Seriously!" LOL B-Dont!!

-Eating Cookies & Dieing In Bliss- Ha-Ha-Ha Emmy

*Little Instruments! LMAO Autumn!*

"Uhh i found it in the batheroom @ the high school.." Lmao Scottie!

"Is this is Weed Man?!?.."No srry the This isnt the Weed House!!" LMFAO Nikkeh & Shebly!

"Do You Have A Lighta??" LMAO W-Dot, Emily n Justin! hahah Srry Max!!

..Try outs are Tonight annnnd its Pole Dancing!!! LOL VERN (N.D)

**Drop Ya Jaw!!! LMAO Emily!!**

"Ill slap the Ugly off yu!" .."I aint got No Ugly on ME!" LMAO Justin.S.!!

~Hmmmm...Truutlesss!!~ haha MIKE!

"..If I wanted a Cow I would go 2 a Farm!" Lmao Scottie!


BANG BANG!!!*with the cowboy hat on* LMAO EM

"Were in busy!"..."Ahhh i dont think thats a good thing to say" Haha Britt

~ Well first I would Hand Cuff ya to the Bed then start Whippin ya Repeatedly! ~ Lmao Verny:P

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